Nov 21, 2018

Customer service KLM | Danish & English

Algemene omschrijving

As customer service representative you’re in directcontact with our passengers.
You answer travel related questions primarily by phone or via email.
These questions can vary from creating a new booking or adding luggage to aflight, to special diet requests.
You’re ensuring by delivering excellent service passengers have an unforgettablejourney with KLM.

Gestelde eisen

As a representative of KLM and partners, you answer various questions thatcome in via various communication channels such as telephone, e-mail and chat.The questions that end up vary greatly. You can think of questions about check-in,delayed baggage or making a new booking. You are going to get started to answerthe question in Dutch or English as quickly and as clearly as possible. Youwill use multiple (complex) computer systems. Furthermore, you make sure thatthe expectations of each passenger are surpassed by your fun, fast and aboveall professional response. This will increase the commitment and customersatisfaction of KLM. Also informing our customers about flight rates,availability and schedules is part of your tasks. It is up to you to explainthe advantages of the KLM product and look for alternatives if the customer’soriginal requirement cannot be met.

Cygnific worksaccording to the Lean Six Sigma method. Therefore we ask for involved employeeswho can add value. Because you are the expert, you are proactive in sharingideas to work on continuous improvement. You signal and take action againstfailures in processes and procedures and suggest improvements.





Meer informatie


• A 7-monthfull-time contract with the intention of engaging in a long-term partnership

• Salary of€1910 Gross/month based on 40 hours per week, with an extra charge at irregularhours.

• Anextensive working path to help you get on your way. Due to training andcoaching your full-time availability is required during the first 3 months.

•Additional training and further development opportunities, such asparticipation in projects

• Corporaterewards such as holiday allowance, discount on health insurance, pension plan

• Socialevents, such as an annual Christmas themed party, Cygnific BBQ and piggy-days

• Acharacteristic office in the lively Wester Park in Amsterdam

• StartDate: December the 7th .


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